About our organization


Our mission:
IAIR is a non-profit organisation that exists to help Iraqi refugees and displaced. Our work is aimed at assisting needy Iraqis, by providing sustenance, health support, education support, and information services.
Our services are aimed to relieve poverty amongst the Iraqi refugee in Syria and Egypt. Due to the displacement crisis sparked by the US-led war of March 2003 and the ensuing and on-going violence, the refugee problem continues to escalate.
Poverty and their insecure legal status are main causes for families not sending their children to schools. Complex registration procedures and administrative requirements as well as cases of children being downgraded to lower classes are also contributing. Medical support is inconsistent.


Aims & Objectives
We help the needy families regardless of their race, ethnic origin, language, and gender, religious or political background. To improve access and quality of services in the areas of health, education and protection. Prevention-related work is ongoing to protect children from violence and exploitation (child labour and sexual exploitation).


Who the charity is for
The Charity is aimed at Iraqi refugees who are affected by war. IAIR is governed by a Board of Trustees, which includes representatives with good experience and field workers.
Representatives in Syria and Egypt have been helping in the following fields:

– Locating and visiting needy Iraqi families and assessing their poverty level
– Delivering aid to the needy families on monthly basis
– Documenting some effective stories with photos to use in our campaigns
– Staying up-to-date with regulations affecting Iraqis in Egypt and Syria, maintaining a help-line section on the Refugees site.
– Updating the Iraqi Refugees site with refugees-related news and articles members’ contributions)


What IAIR aim to provide

– To provide basic financial support for widows, orphans and families in need.
– To reconstruct Education Centres (i.e. Schools) and provide funds for their maintenance.
– To sponsor orphans and maintain their physical and spiritual upbringing.
– To provide sponsorship of families affected by conflicts and war.
– To sponsor and assist the immigrants in the affected regions.
– To establish medical and rehabilitation clinics for the victims of war.


Our Commitments
We are committed, to ensure that donations reach its intended destination.